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who we are

So socks are our thing. We love them, wear them, make them, design them - we simply can't get enough! It's true, we love socks more than life itself and they fill our days with great joy.


We saw a desire for lovers and obssessed pet owners to put there loved one on socks and we gave them just that! 200,000 pairs and lots of laughter later - we're still here :) Today, Super Socks have been worn in over 46 countries and can be found in stores across the world.

The Ultimate in-store experience


2019 saw the launch of Super Socks Live in the UK's most luxury department store, Selfridges. Our in-store experience enabling you to create your own socks in store within 30 minutes. With over 300 designs to choose from you can create the perfect pair of unique socks.

Sports & entertainment collabs


We've partnered with some of the largest entertainment and sports brands in the world. From Warner Bros to WWE